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I have always drawn. Yes, I was the one who drew in my class at school, I even exchanged drawings for math classes, in order to pass the exam. As a teenager I discovered animation and developed a proposal for my first short film "Police handkerchiefs and snotty bandits", I was 14 years old at the time. After many turns, trips, successes and failures I returned to animation. Since 2012 I work in animation studios in Colombia, I learned there because there were no schools back then, later I studied film, it was then when I felt that I wanted to tell stories, not just animate drawings. It is not so easy to balance the work of animating with that of creating my own projects but in some opportunities I have achieved it, I have even been surprised that these projects have achieved support or recognition. I really enjoy my work in ​​​​​​​different positions as animator director, animator, storyboard artist, art director, director and scriptwriting

A few years ago I created a parallel way to animate outside the animation studios, I do animation workshops with children, with older people and families in different places like villages, on the beach on an island, in the mountains or deserts. It is the perfect complement to balance the work in front of the computer with the life beyond of it: people outside animation and film world. This experience had full me of ideas to create tv series, shortfilms and educative resources to teach animation. I have a yearly workshop for children for free.

+ 57 321 240 51 14

Ibagué, Colombia

Animated short films made in workshops with children
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